Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where to Place Google AdSense Ads


- HEADER. Most of the time, people ignore ads at the top of the page. Why? Because everyone knows that a banner there is an advertisement. Try placing the Google AdSense ads below the page header instead.

Even better if the site menu is at the top of the page too. If it is, people will look at it often. The webmaster can place AdSense ads below it.

- FOOTER. A webmaster generally shouldn't place ads at the bottom of their web pages. Viewers know that there’s no info for them at the end of an article) so they won’t really look there. Also, that is the usual position for standard pages like the FAQ, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

However, one can place Google AdSense ads at the end of an article (not page). Why? Because people to jump from the beginning of an article to the end. If a webmaster places relevant AdSense ads at the end, viewers may click on it.

- LEFT SIDE. AdSense ads in this position do well. This is where one usually finds the site menu. You can place AdSense here instead of the site menu (one can put the site menu on the right or top). Or if the site menu isn't too long (say, if it's a drop-down list or sliding menu), you can position AdSense just below it. If it's long, put AdSense on top first.

- RIGHT SIDE. Viewers aren't likely to look at ads on this side unless it has graphics in it. One can add pictures to enhance their AdSense ads here.

One disadvantage of the right side is that it doesn't fit in the screen in some computers. Test the web site on different computers to see how it looks.

- MIDDLE OR CENTER: AdSense ads in the middle of articles are effective, if annoying for the viewers who know what they are. Think of them as commercial breaks: You read an article and now and then a targeted ad comes up.


- Use graphics for your AdSense ads if space allows it.
- Don't put too many AdSense ads on one page. It's confusing.
- Strike a balance between effective advertising and good web design. Don’t make viewer think the webmaster is greedy.

NOTE: Google AdSense requires JavaScript. If viewers have this turned off, they won't see any AdSense ads.

These tips and tricks have been tested by other webmasters for effectiveness. In time you will discover other effective methods of advertising. The trick is being able to think as your visitors do and understanding their surfing habits.

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