Friday, March 20, 2009

The secret to online success$

Today such a great day in my life where i can spent time with my fellow students.

Base on above subject, There were 5 keys area you need to constantly maintain if u want to succeed online.

The 5 Keys Area is

.Product or servicess
.Lead Generation

Let me start today lecture with no1, Product or services.

you must have some sort of product or services online that a fair amount of people would be interested in to make any money.

You might have a hobby like publishing same like me,you can start generating new ideas or brainstorming some good selling product on the internet.

Number 2 is Lead Generation

Being able to contact the prospects and customers anytime you want without spending a fortune in the process is one of the great thing about marketing on the internet.

Here the tips:Having an email list full people who are dying to know about your product or services is like having money in the bank.

Number 3 is a Conversion

Here how it's work.If you get 100 customers to your website and you have 1% conversion rate, you will only make one sell.if you have a conversion rate 2% you double the amount of sale without having to get anymore traffic or without spending any more money.

Number 4 is Administration

People fail to realize that an internet business is just like any other business and needs to be run on the same way.

Number 5 is Education

Yess, you may spend money to get the book to read and lead you but how if i give you a free e-book on those ideas of business.

All your puzzle question will be answer in this e-book, from the basic until the profitable step.

yes, it is for free to revise.

simply download it here

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