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12 Steps How To Build A Profitable Niche Blog

Recently I’ve gone through and collected a list of “66 Professional Blogger You Should Follow“, I found that lots of bloggers love to read a collection post like these as they don’t have to waste time searching around the web. In previous post “How To Make Money Online During Recession“, I’d told you that I’ll write up a post and teach you how to build a profitable niche blog to make money online with Google Adsense. So as promised, I’ll be telling you how I build a profitable niche blog in this post.

In order to build a niche blog and make money online with Adsense, there are lots of works need to be done, but if you know the steps and techniques, you’ll be able to done it in few minutes. Of course, few minutes is the time to setup a niche blog, it doesn’t include the time for writing content. In the process of making money online in building a niche blog, in my opinion the critical part is writing content and keyword optimization. Besides these, choosing the right keyword is very important too, this is the main key and very first step that determine whether can your niche blog getting traffics and generates incomes.

Profitable Niche Blog

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I’ve been building a few niche blogs which can be considered profitable niche blogs as they do bring me decent income from Adsense. I just think that one blog couldn’t be able to make you rich, but hundred niche blogs do. Therefore, we have to continuously building dozens of different niche blogs. Of course, I’m not talking about building blog like Problogger or JohnChow, they have very strong background and loyal readers, they have different style of making money online, they can make lots of money by just selling banner ads. In this post, I’m talking about building a profitable niche blog to make money online with Adsense, don’t get me wrong. Of course this make money online blog not to build to make money online with Adsense. This is my first blog, I created this blog for my interest and share make money online tips that I’d learned in my blogging journey. However, I’d made a decent income from this blog too.
Step-By-Step How To Build A Niche Blog

I’d written an article in the past about “how to start a blog that makes money”, it only had general tips. So now I’ll be writing an article and teaching you step-by-step in details :

1) Keyword Research
Keyword research is the very first step before you can building a niche blog. You should ask yourself what is your interest, what topic that you can write non-stop, or topic that you’ve enough reference material (Brochures, books, etc.). Dropping down a list of 10 topics that you would like to build a blog, now you can do your keyword research in Google Adwords Keyword Tool for all 10 topics. Pick 1 topic, insert all the relevant keywords for the topic. Let’s say the topic is “Nike Sport Shoes”, so you may insert “Nike”, “Sport Shoes”, “Shoes”, and press “Get keyword ideas”. You could get dozens of relevant keywords in the result.

2) List Out Potential Keywords
From the result of keyword research, pick the profitable keywords that have lesser competitor (About 500,000 or less is ideal), higher searches and higher estimated average CPC rate. List them down in a paper or a notepad in your PC, collect as much as you can so that you’ve more keywords to optimize.

3) List Out Title Of Posts
Before starting to build your niche blog, try to list out few posts that you’re going to post them in the blog. Don’t let your mind blank and out of topics after you’ve setup your blog, else you’re wasting your time. I drafted or wrote 3-5 articles before buying the domain and do setup, so that I can feed my blog with few articles and promote it. Usually I don’t promote it to the public as I want organic traffics from search engine more than direct traffics or referral traffics.

4) Buying Profitable Domain Name
So I assume you have your own hosting and domain, else you couldn’t be able to continue the following steps. So you need a profitable domain name for your niche blog now. Profitable domain name means domain that contains of the keyword that you want to optimize. If your keyword is “Sport Shoes”, try to get domain like or or so, try to get domain that contains your keyword. You can read how to cheaply buy a profitable domain names too.

5) Install Wordpress Blog Platform
After you’ve bought your domain, now you may install the Wordpress blog platform, either using Fantastico or install manually. Fantastico is features in your hosting cpanel, most of the hosting provide this, so that you can setup your blog in seconds. Else, you have to install your Wordpress manually by uploading all the file to your FTP.

6) Upload .htacess
If you’ve 2nd blog and install your Wordpress, I think .htaccess shouldn’t in your Wordpress folder. You have to duplicate a .htaccess from the main blog, delete the data insides the duplicated .htaccess, save it and upload it to your Wordpress folder. Remember to set it to Chmod 777, this was what I did before I was able to change the permalinks.

7) Upload Wordpress Plugins
So now you can download, upload and install your wordpress plugins. Usually there are 4 wordpress plugins that I used for my niche blogs, they are “All-In-One-SEO-Pack”, “Google-Sitemap-Generator”, “Related-Posts” and “Social-Bookmarks”, copy the exact words and search in Google search engine, you could get tonnes of result that point you to the donwload page.

8 ) Upload Adsense Optimized Themes
We want to make money online with Adsense, of course we need to have Adsense Ready themes for better earning. DoshDosh had a list of 16 Adsense Optimized Wordpress Themes, pick one and download. Remember to set all the file insides the themes folder to Chmod 777, so that you could be able to edit the themes coding.

9) Setup Google Sitemap
You’ve downloaded, uploaded and installed the “Google-Sitemap-Generator” Wordpress Plugin, you’re required to upload 2 folder to your FTP Wordpress folder. Open a notepad and save it as “sitemap.xml”, open another notepad and save it as “sitemap.xml.gz”. Upload this 2 files to your FTP Wordpress folder. Set it to Chmod 777 so that Google can update your Sitemap. After these, you’ve to submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

10) Install Google Analytics
You’re recommended to install a Google Analytics to track your traffics so that you can improve your blog by tracking the traffics. This is an important tool, so you must install this. In order to make more money online, you have to know where is your traffics come from (Direct, referral or organic), what keyword they search to reach your blog, etc.

11) Insert Google Adsense
After you’ve setup all of these, you can now insert your Google Adsense into the your blog. Before these, I recommend you to post up at least 1 article to your blog, so that Google can putting relevant Adsense ads in your blog. You can skip this step first because most probably you won’t be getting any clicks in the first week until Google has indexed your page. Between, you can learn how to get highest rate per click for your Adsense too.

12) Update And Optimize Keyword
You’ve actually done the setup process, the only thing you should do now is updating your blog and optimize keyword in the articles. You have to optimize your keyword correctly, you should learn some basic SEO techniques.

These are the steps that I’ve been repeating over and over again to build my niche blogs. So you’ve done one niche blog right now, you have to be patience to update your blog with unique content in the first week, so that Google can index as much as you have. The more pages have been indexed, the more organic traffics you have, the chances of they click your Adsense ads will be higher, eventually you could be able to make more money with your niche blog. Repeating the same steps over and over again for all your niche blogs, your Adsense earning will be increasing day by day from now.

Remember, make money online by blogging not 1 or 2 days job, you have to work hard and put effort and make it grows. Don’t give up or quit blogging if you can’t see any money flows in, keep building and you’ll be successful in one day. You can check out how I built my first niche blog too. Keep up your mind and do it now!

Do you have any niche blog? How do you build it and make money online with Adsense?

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