Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why You Fail In Blogging

In this Guest post I’m gonna tell you why you have been failing in Blogging till now. You all might be knowing at least a couple of bloggers who do a living online. What makes them succeed when you haven’t made a penny out of it? The truth is very simple. You were just missing a few points regarding Blogging. I think you all know that sometimes simple things make bigger impact. And this is what you have been missing. Just Reading and following professional Bloggers is not sufficient [ in fact not good at all ] to succeed in Blogging. This is why I have a compiled a short list specifying 5 Reasons why you are still failing in Blogging as a career :

1) Because you were constantly thinking about great ideas and you were constantly dreaming about becoming like Problogger but never took ACTION! In short you were not an ACTION-TAKER. Sometimes you should just stop thinking and do what you thought the earlier day. Else you will be thinking all those ideas without ever knowing if they would work or not.

2) You were afraid you will fail.

3) You never kept in mind that most bloggers failed again and again until one day it clicked for them. Do you think all those biggies earned the name they have now since the first day? Not at all!

4) You did not know what you are capable of? If you are thinking of starting a blog like Problogger then think again and again. Especially if you have just been blogging for a few months and never yet had success in making money online then you should consider this seriously. Because it is really really hard to develop one. There are very high possibilities that you will fail in getting decent traffic or subscribers. And failure will surely make you quit blogging. So decide if you really are capable of doing things and then start doing them.

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5) You got into affiliates without knowing much – affiliates are the best way to make serious money but i strongly believe that generating nice income through affiliates would need you to invest some money. I’m not saying that ALL people who make money through affiliates invest money but the process becomes easier and less tiresome if you do spend money [like you could try out the PPC campaigns and experiment more if you are ready to spend money].

So don’t just stop with reading blogs about Make money online and blogging-related Blogs but try everything for yourself now!! There are very high possibilities that you could set a new trend in blogging rather than following the trends introduced by probloggers. Good Luck!

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